Distilling the needs of Black entrepreneurs is a process that takes dedication, insight, patience and diligence as we work with entrepreneurs to understand and help resolve their needs. 

The first step is to schedule a Needs-Survey. It will take about 30-60 minutes. Next, MABEE, MadREP, and other partners work to develop a resource plan based on survey data and help to connect the entrepreneur to those resources and any relevant mentorship. Lastly, MABEE follows up quarterly for a check-up.


MABEE's Business Needs Survey is designed to assess the specific and unique needs of Black entrepreneurs. This is focused on business needs like technical assistance, and planning, etc. It's also used to distill other needs like training, childcare and seemingly unrelated expenses that may also be serving as a barrier to success. 

We understand that Black entrepreneurs encounter all of the hurtles of being a business owner on top of the hurtles of surviving poverty, generational trauma and racial barriers. The Needs Survey is meant to distill each entrepreneurs specific hurtles and use that information to strategically connect them to the resources that they need. 


MABEE's Needs Survey is based on the Madison Regional Economic Partnership BRE tool that's been used to assess the needs of large and small businesses throughout southcentral Wisconsin. We're grateful for MadREPs support, but understand that common challenges of Madison's Black entrepreneurs differ from more established, White led businesses. 

That's why MABEE leadership, a group of Black business owners from a mix of business types, got together to reshape the BREE tool to better distill our unique challenges. 

The survey will always have room to improve. So we invite your feedback. Please don't hesitate to tell us how we can make it better.