What are they up to April 2017 MABEE Award Recipients

On April 27th, 2017, we brought together Black Entrepreneurs and Business Resources for HIVE Networking Activity that granted awards to randomly selected participants. Register for the October 26th ResourceFULL event.


Checking in with our April 2017 Awardees:


Mark and Lisa Goldsby, Team PHINE


About Team PHINE


Thee new for-profit brand name to assist in building confidence from within,
where true beauty comes from. Phine encourages people to use positive slogans
to promote themselves, such as; So Phine, Baby Phine, Heavenly Phine, Angel
Phine, Phined Your Dreams, etc. What type of PHINE are you? Phine will never
support any type of negativity but hopes to bring positive sayings that will
encourage, uplift, and inspire you. Phine is a true believer of promoting goodness
and ‘phineness’ throughout the world. Who says it’s not okay to be your own best
friend? Not PHINE! Phine wants to shed light where there is darkness and wants
all people to know you can shine with Phine. Are you ready to join the team?


Plans for their $500 Award


After speaking with our contacts and receiving some useful feedback,

we are thinking of using it to get our website finished and e-commerce ready

and/or invest in new products, such as shorts, tanks, or sweats. The unbiased

feedback from our contacts has given us several things to think about as we move

forward with the business. We also gained a potential contact for not only web

design but also screenprinting, which is awesome! Thank you so much for putting

this event together. 



John Thomas, LAZARUS


Plans for their $1,500 Award


Get professional logo and webpage, pay filing fee for veterans preferred list, letter head and other office supplies and paper work


Andre McClinton, My Escape Mission



About My Escape Mission


My Escape Mission is a real life escape room where you and your team have one hour to complete your mission. Madison, Wisconsin's top Escape Room.


When you’re tired of the same old things to do around Madison, Wisconsin, make your escape! At My Escape Mission, we have two locations for groups of up to 10 to 12 people. A Thrill for All Ages, make any night a fun one when you visit us for your escape room experience. We are happy to adjust clues to fit any age group, and we welcome players both young and old.


Our themes which are available now are the Military Espionage, Mad Scientist, and the Bank Heist which makes for a great theme for your event for all ages. The back of our Regent St. building looks like a barracks or bunker house, making it a perfect choice to fit our location. We plan to change our themes on a regular basis to keep things interesting for players.


Plans for their $1,000 Award


I plan on using my funds to pay bills which will help a lot! 



Brandie De La Rosa, E3 Inspire


About E3 Inspire


Educate, Empower, Engage.


1) Educate companies on all aspects of domestic violence. What it means to the bottom line, and how to cut costs.


2) Empower by offering real solutions that establish a more productive work space. Encourages victims to reach out.


3) Engage all leadership, management, security, and staff to create a proactive approach.



Plans for their $500 Award


Pay for specialized trainings.


Other Awardees


Francis Obuseh, Health Focused Business


Award: Free Consulting with Opportunity Inc.


Ian Davis, Larry Love Cleaning


Award: Free Website from Let's Keep Building


Alex Upendo, Build-A-Bow


About Build-A-Bow


Award: MABEE T-Shirt and Mug



The Madison Alliance for Black Economic Empowerment is dedicated to building the HIVE Mentality and helping our entrepreneurs to thrive. Find out how you can get involved at our next ResourceFULL Event.


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